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When is the last time you made a new friend?

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At least 35 years ago unfortunately (but not for lack of trying). 

Three years ago and that ended up being 8 people.


We moved and  it's the family next door. Parents half our age


we do many things together.

People our own ages are pretty much deceased


physically and mentally  not here anymore.

Life goes on and we go with the flow

I met my dear friend Marie in 2003, when our boys were off to war in Iraq.  We stayed friends until about 3 years ago, when she died of cancer.  About 8 years ago I joined a senior group, and I made two new friends there.  Also many acquaintances, but I have certain criteria set up for friends.  Friends have to be people I trust......and I trust very few.

I wish they had a senior group here. They do have a thing called the Area on Aging which is to help with getting rides, caregiver respite, finding senior housing, etc. but no kind of socializing or just getting together with other seniors. As far back as I can remember about this place (about 40 years), they've never had a seniors center.

I think there should be more senior centers, I wonder if they think enough seniors would go to warrant the cost to operate them.

I guess the cost could be a factor. It's odd, though: there are a lot of much-smaller towns than this one in this part of the state that do have senior centers and I know those little towns have lot tighter budgets than we do. Maybe it's because this is a university town (and has been for years), I know a lot of other things (what kind of stores, etc. are chosen to come here) are done with how popular they'll be with the univ. students, no other age group seems to be considered. It's too bad the nearest of those little towns with the senior centers are still too far away for me to drive or Uber.

Start one! :-)
Seriously, the way I started going was my girlfriend saw an ad in the local paper that said they wanted to start a senior group, and they were meeting at the library to see if there was enough interest. The meeting got about 60 attendees. One of the ladies I met belonged to a larger group already, and they had a singing group. I then joined the larger group, as well. The smaller group eventually disbanded when we lost our president, but by that time many had joined the larger group anyway. This pandemic thing screwed things up for us , and honestly I doubt I'll retain my membership. We can't do luncheons, and we can't sit close enough to anyone to converse effectively.(Some of those older folks have trouble hearing you across the table.....much less across 6 ft and wearing a mask. No thanks! And the singing group is officially finished; no one wants to sing with a mask....and the senior centers don't want visitors anymore. 25 years of tradition.....over.
Very sad.

I made a good friend at the gym about 7 or 8 years ago and we see each other now and then and talk on the phone. Sad to say, things are going the other way now. Just had a call from the husband of a good friend saying she passed away this afternoon...kidney failure. we knew it was coming, but still. Another friend has been slipping mentally and then got hit by a car, so she'll be going to assisted living. The facility is not in lock down like the nursing home/rehab center, so will be able to see her there. Once we hit 80, it's a crap shoot on survival. We're all vaccinated and boosted, so go to lunch on Thursdays and breakfast on Saturdays....at least for now. will have to see what the new variant does.

Don't remember if I met my last friend at the senior center or at the VFW - think it was at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars).  I saw her and her other half there several times - he was a pool player and she sat there with him.  One night she came to sat with our group and we clicked right away.  She's a younger gal and has had an interesting life and quite opinionated.  We have gone to their house for her 'end of fall party' and have been to a couple of craft shows with her.




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