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What’s the most epic way you’ve seen someone quit or be fired?

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I retired from the United States Postal Svce. All offices have closed circuit cameras on the work floor. I've seen employees arrested and let off the work floor in handcuffs for stealing. Everyone is aware of these cameras. You can see them in the ceiling. So why do you think that you can get away with stealing? It's a mystery. You not only lose your job but any money you have in a retirement account.  With this on your record I don't know what kind of employment is available. Your life is ruined so why would you contemplate doing this? 

Not a witness to this, but the person I replaced at my last job just put a post-it note on her desk saying "I quit". She only worked there about three days. When I heard that story I thought "what did I get myself into?" But it ended up to be a great job, one I retired from after working sixteen and a half years.

You can't always rely upon what you hear from other employees. There was 1 woman who constantly complained. Then I heard what she was doing. She would purposely leave for her delivery very, very late and she would then call for overtime. I found this out when I spoke to her manager who was an old friend of mine. Keith was very fair. He just wanted you to do your job. This woman didn't want to and was constantly complaining. If you listened to her she was being picked on. She was just a poor worker.

A guy who worked in the maintenance dept. at the Univ. where I worked, when he got ready to retire, he worked his last day without saying anything to anybody, and then never showed up again. A few days later, his supervisor called him at home & said what's going on, are you sick or what? The guy said "Or what. I retired." and hung up.

Not really epic, just very sad. I worked with a woman who was fired for not reporting her arrest record. Don't know what for but she was so attentive to the residents she cared for and was a great team player, such a loss for what ever her mistake was for her self and the place we worked for.




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