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Would you rather live in a large city, small city, or in the country?

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I've lived in the City all of my life. I would love to live in the Country.

I lived in Dallas, TX for over 30 years and when we retired and I inherited a house in a town with a population of 997 people and the nearest town with a mall was 60 miles away, I thought I would hate it.  I thought every drove ridiculously slow and sometimes on the highway 45 MPH would be the norm.  Now I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.  I also think it depends on your age and what you do for a living that dictates where you live. 

After 39 years in Southern California, the past 26 years in a town of 25,000 in NW MT has been quite satisfactory. Rural, but not too rural.

I have lived in the country ( in a small village ) for over 30 years now. We moved from a small city. Both have their perks . I don't miss the people on top of people part of living in the city but so miss the walk-ability, especially since I don't drive.  

I have done both. I grew up mostly in the city. I enjoyed a lot of things: public transportation, the parks, theaters, museums and other choices for recreation and culture. (Milwaukee) had pro sports, and a great beach...not to mention the shopping options. I liked it when I was young. I have been in smaller towns, now, for several years, and I like that better, I think. Familiar faces, community feel. I don't think I could adapt well to rural living, though. I like things conveniently located.

I have always lived near the big city (Denver)- never thought I would live in the country- when we moved to Ohio 2 years ago thought we would be in one of the city- but a perfect house for us (upstairs for my son and his wife- and a walkout basement unit for me) came with almost 2 acres of landand 15 miles from anything. Really like it now- some adjustments- but OK.

I love the country.  I can go to the city when I want and leave it behind me when I return to the serenity of home next to nature.




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