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What is the best thing to do to stay healthy

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Have a fairly healthy diet. No junk food as part of your daily diet. 

I agree with that, and stay hydrated.

Inherit the right genes.

That s true. Much longevity in both sides of the family except for the drinkers.

Well, I think eating healthy is the best idea.  My problem is healthy food (vegetables) I hate.  I like meat and potatoes.  My other downfall is junk food.  Somehow I have managed to lose about 35 lbs in 2.5 years.   Problem is if there's anything around that's sweet I get into it. My son said I need a 12 step program for sugar.  Boy may just have something there.

Healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight

Healthy diet and if you can some walking or bike riding

Choose your parents well, avoid dangerous circumstances, eat nutritionally and exercise.

I like to walk for exercise and was just getting going as the back surgery healed and I started getting the most awful pain in my ankle and shin.  I saw the ankle dr, Orthopedist that specializes in ankles, and she gave me a cortisone shot, but I won't know for a few days if it is helping.  Right now its feeling better but they put lidocaine or something to kill pain of injection.  

Eat healthy, exercise, stay hydrated and pray.

All the things I should be doing right now. LOL  Eating healthier, exercising more, etc., etc. 




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