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Anyone in the group belong to AARP? I'm wondering if it's worth it, especially their online community, chat, games, etc.

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I joined AARP a few years ago. Have only enjoyed a few discounts traveling. They constantly email me and snail mail me. They are always asking for donations and me to email and write my Congress people. The magazine is nice.

We joined AARP a few years ago to get their Medigap Insurance through United Healthcare. But we never availed ourselves of any of their other services, so we quit when we changed to a different insurance. They do fill your e-mailbox whether you belong or not. I suppose they do have useful information for seniors but I never took the time to read any of it.

I don't but it seems someone on Boomerville mentioned belonging to it before we made the move but I don't remember who. Perhaps they are here and will give us an answer.

I've never joined because the things they offer discounts for I can't afford to do.  I do have an AARP United Healthcare advantage plan

We joined to get the AARP discount on the United Healthcare plan. Cheaper that way.

I joined because of the hype about their car insurance was cheaper and added my husband since that was a freebie. None of their other "discounts" were something we wanted or used and my husband got irritated at all the snail mail that was sent - sometimes the same thing to each of us. Turns out we could get the insurance cheaper through Farm Bureau, so we quit AARP a year or so after we joined. Still get snail mail wanting donations or wanting me to join causes that they support, but not nearly as much as we did.

I belonged to AARP for a few years starting right at 50. But the price kept increasing and I wasn't seeing the benefit of keeping it. I can read their magazines online so that's not an incentive. The auto insurance plan they were touting turned out to be more expensive than than Allstate. 

I've belonged to AARP for years. Have The Hartford ins. on house and vehicles (really easy to work with if you have a claim), take the driver safety class for insurance discount, have used the other discounts on occasion, and really enjoy the magazine and the Bulletin. No complaints.




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