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Nice day today for a grand re-opening....a riding academy that's been a round for many years had a major makeover & this weekend reopened. According to the piece in the local horse newsletter William Shatner was supposed to make an appearnace today, but I figured even if I cut class, I'd probably miss his appearance. Tomorrow they are doing a show. The other big thing that happened this week was the opening of a Dover Saddlery store a half mile from the barn. My trainer went & said that there was lots of champagne & food plus some really low prices on tack. This will be a bad thing for the tack shops that have been in the area for years. I think I will continue to shop at my local tack shop that I have been dealing with for the last 10 years.   

Oh, it's great to hear about a renovation like that, Carol! We seem to be losing so many old barns, it's nice when one gets a new lease on life!

As for the Dover Saddlery--I'd go take advantage of some of those sales, THEN go back to your traditional tack shop. Hahahaha! Loyalty AND bargains seems like a great combination to me.

Yes.. there are few in my area with an indoor arena especially one that is big enough for a dressage show or a hunter/jumper. It's too late now to take advantage of the Dover opening. 

Today we rode outside w/o any dust! The small ring had been sprinkled and so we were spared the dust. Nathan was a bit slow today but after cantering, he perked up a bit. He wasn't very round and so I practiced cantering 6-8 strides and then trotting 6-8 strides and after a few laps of this, he began to reach down and relax his topline. I was pleased with how things went. 

HOORAY for no dust! It's so much better for everyone.

And, good job with Nathan!

Today was a repeat of last week's except that he did his power walking thing after we did a practice of Intro A. He usually power walks when he's a bit anxious but since we were finished, I don't know what was on his mind. Fed him some dandelions before lesson.  

So it`s day 6 of ny Japanese trip and I`m still adjusting to a Japanese keyboard. I`ve eaten in a variety of restaurants including the hotel`s. I look for those which advertise an English menu or have the examples of dishes displayed in a case outside the restaurant. In Tokyo I was dismayed to see a dish, basho, displayed and in English the words horsemeat. Now I know what the word is, I can avoid it since Americans don`t eat horses! I`ve shared this information with my fellow travelers so they don`t make a mistake when ordering. Sayonara  

I don't know how I missed this, Carol.

ARRRGH. Basho. NOT going to be on my plate next time I'm in Japan!

What was your favorite sight and/or experience during your trip, Carol?

I really didn't have a favorite..it was all about seeing the sites that I'd read about in non-fiction & fiction. I saw more temples than I ever thought I would but most of  them were set in lovely gardens. the azaleas & irises were in full floom. there were a lot of areas that still retian their preWWII appearance and it seemed evident that although there has been new construction in the years since, there has been some effort to continue the consturction style that denotes Japan even in small cities. I tried the hot bath experience with gritted teeth just so I could say I tried it. Ate a lot of food that I didn't recognize but which was tasty but a meal of soba or udon noodles do not satisfy me. Had fun at a ramen noodle factory where we had lunch...a sort of DIY whith individual woks and all the makings. Toured both a miso factory and a sake brewery and sampled both. Was excited to see both men and wormen on daily excursions attired in traditional garb. Plus I had a nice roommate for the 15 days

Well....have returned from Japan where I saw NO horses and few cats & dogs. Apparently dogs are a status symbol there and most cats have a short tail with a kink near the end. I've reviewed the some of the video from my last lesson before I left and have decided that today's lesson will include some no-stirrups work (hoping to correct a right foot problem) and some concentration on correct hand positioning. If I can squeeeeze in some suppling I'll be happy. Still have some jet lag so don't know how things will work out.   

When on lesson I find that the things that my trainer does not say let me know that I've improved on a fault that she had been harping on. Before I left it was the position of my hands and my right foot being too deep in the stirrup. No mention of either today and only did no-stirrup work for 5 minutes. so I have to keep up the good work! 

So today we have lots of heat! Left the dressage bridle at home by accident & so Nathan wore his regular bridle. We started warmup with some no stirrup work and just as we transitioned to trot, the barn owner came in the arena with prospective boarders and after identifying Nathan & I requested/commanded?  that we demostrate the canter. I wasn't quite ready but did a good canter transition, circled, came back to the trot, crossed the diagonal and picked up the left lead canter smoothly. I felt  pretty pleased with that but it helped me to identify that Nathan seems to prefer going right to left lead work. Needless to say we then proceeded to practice a good Intro A test....it's kind of weird not saluting at X or halting but coming to the walk until you hit M and then trotting. We did well though....too bad it wasn't being judged!




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