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How many songs about horses can we find? Or songs in which horses figure? Heck...songs written by someone named Horse or Clydesdale or Shetland...hahaha.

I wonder! 

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Cool...I don't think I ever heard this one by Dino! Thanks, Quinn!!!
Reply by Angharad on May 7, 2011 at 9:39pm
Cool...I don't think I ever heard this one by Dino! Thanks, Quinn!!!
Do you remember "Whozzo" from the original TBD? One night I couldn't sleep, I came on to TBD and asked if anyone had any lullaby's for me :-)
Whozzo posted this. I just love it.




I don't think I did know Whozzo...I was pretty much a haiku hermit on TBD prime.

What a nice thing to do, though!

HAhahahahaha!! PERFECT M.!!! 

What made me think of this discussion was a tape I listened to on which D., sitting in his office at school, and I sang this at the top of our lungs. All I could think of was his colleagues walking in and bursting out laughing at their boss revealed...It was moments like that which kept me madly in love with him.

oh to horse around....

best with your special loved one

thanks to Mr. Ed


(couldn't help myself angh)

Hahahahaha, perfect again!
I love this song, DD! And the video is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
So do I, DD!  Thanks for this!
This must an 80s video! I feel just like these guys some days...big feet, pin head.
Pretty real...ouch! But sometimes that knight on his/her white horse does come in the eleventh hour...his/her armor may bit a bit tarnished, but it still shines like the sun.




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