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     I can't make up my mind. Call me Mister Indecisive. Even writing this balderdashing gibberishal drivel almost never took place. But I'm sure you're excited reading it. I've always been indecisive from the simplest every day decisions to life changing ones. It  drives my wife crazy being so indecisive at times. I've heard that not making a decision is a decision but very often I can't even decide to not make a decision..if that makes any sense to you. Confused.

      During a normal hour of watching television. once I decide what to watch, I probably switch the stations about 30 times.  Is this indecision?  or do I have the attention span of a gold fish? Well, commercials certainly cause me to make the decision to switch,usually to another commercial. While that's not dangerous,being indecisive when driving is. !! Do I switch lanes? Do I honk the guy driving like a snail in front of me? Do I even get on the freaking highway? If I'm close to my destination I often take the service roads or side streets. 
     That moment of ordering food for myself,usually at a fast food restaurant is a moment of terror and distress. McChicken or a burger? To Fries or Not to Fries? That is the question. That is unless my fries is part of a combo or one of these 4 for 4 packages I used to get at Wendy's. But sitting with family and/or friends at a restaurant? When it's my turn to order I'm like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. How many times do I start to say chicken Marsala before changing it to baby boneless stuffed salmon and then regret changing my mind? Sweet potato or fries? Matzoh ball soup or the cream of turkey? Too many choices? Not enough time? This feeling of discomfort is overwhelming.  I shouldn't have said rare for my steak. It might be too rare. I should have said medium rare. 
     Do I shave or skip a day if I hardly see any stubble on my face? I pick out my clothes the night before work to make it easier for me in the morning but then I change my mind when I get up putting on my shirt and then I'll change the pants or belt or both. What coat am I wearing? Do I even need a coat? There's a chance of rain I heard on the forecast. Perhaps a jacket with a hood is better. The decision to take a jacket and throw it in the back seat of my car before I  start driving usually wins out. 
     Deciding whether or not to make a doctor or dentist's appointment is always a dilemma. Should I make an appointment for a haircut or wait another week? My hair is not too long yet. My dental pain?  It's not too bad. I can put off scheduling a dental appointment for another few weeks? What does my wife say.  "Make a decision"  " she yells at me. "It's your hair. It's your skin rash. It's your stomach. Do what you want. I don't want to hear it.".  What am I going to do? Then she tells me to decide what to pick up for dinner..Chinese or Italian? Sesame chicken or a chicken roll? Is pizza a compromise? Pepperoni or extra cheese or both? She  doesn't like mushrooms or meatballs or sausage  that I prefer? Now what pizzeria or Italian restaurant do I order from? So many decisions. It's too much for me. Thinking face.
     At least I don't have to worry about what college to apply to or decide what employment ad to respond to any more. Those days are gone. Now what movie we're seeing this weekend makes up most of my thoughts. It used to be Batman OR Superman. Now it's Batman VS. Superman. I wish all decisions could be made for me like that. Bagel or muffin  or pancakes tomorrow for breakfast? How can I possibly sleep faced with such decisions in the morning? 

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I hope you're not like me, and you agree with the last opinion you hear in a debate. I have that bad habit.

Haha! Nope--Once I formulate an opinion, I defend it like a wolverine. In a debate the opposition either has to overwhelm me with irrefutable facts or bludgeon me to death.  

I used to be decisive. Now I can't even decide what the question is. ツ

Have you tried the Magic 8 Ball?


Wait--that's a whole other thang.

Wait!  I think we are twins!  Who was your mother?  How do we find out if we are or aren't ?  You are so like I am - indecisive!




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