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You are not going to do this, and I mean--DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!

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I didn't.
I don't want some hairy creature after me.
I couldn't stop....
Is that the panic button?
It could definitely lead you to a panicking plight!!
Too funny.
cute lol
Hey everyone!! MM wants to get her hands on my ass!! woohoo!! I am ready!! I am so ready!!!!!
Yeah--but then she will feel sorry she did that and well find herself feeling compeled to kiss my boo boo!
I don't know about the white dot, but the red dot got really small, then got bigger again.
OK Heart, I got confused. You said do not do this, and apparently "this" is do not press the red button. So to not do this would actually mean to do it ... I think ... Anyways I'm still sitting here looking at the red spot. I did get up to get another beer, but I'm getting bored now... Am I over thinking this? .... Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
Yaaa!! I'm with you Jack! I keep looking at that darn red dot and thinking...No, don't do it...Heart says not to do it... Yep, I'm going to come back tomorrow and rethink this...Maybe I'll just DO IT any way!!!
Where u this obedient to your parents, Jack?




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