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Why don't they make Valentine's Day cards for

"I think I like you but it's too soon to tell."


 How about " I like you and want to get to know more about you before I take the plunge, get divorced, pay alimony, child support and go through hell for the rest of my life, wondering what I may have done wrong or what I could have done to make it better." Love hurts, sometimes..


Would you be my virtual Valentine?


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Whew. I'm not into necrophilia. 

Struck out for both Valentine's and Ash Wednesday date.

Yikes, it's a double whammy this year. 

Did you have an actual date planned for that date? ツ  Was it with Mollie B.?  No, wait a minute, she's married--but she did show up for your birthday. 

I had hoped for a date this year.  But not with Mollie B.  she is divorced but also out of state.

I was being facetious...sort of. :>) Didn't know she'd gotten a divorce, though.

So, did you round up a date, so to speak?

No, picked trash in Rutersville with the Texas Gideon Lincecum Chapter of Master Naturalist's.  Lunch alone in Fayettevile, pie and coffee alone in Round Top then senior discount at Goodwill in Brenham.

Cool. Picking up trash is a great way to love on any day. Service to others and the planet certainly fills up our empty places, doesn't it?

I just read up on the Gideon Lincecum Chapter of Master Naturalists. Sounds like a wonderful organization. Have you taken the training course? 

The eating alone can feel good or bad or neutral, I suppose. How did it feel to you? I wouldn't have minded it when I was in the world, but I've been isolated (because of illness) so long now that I feel like a cloistered nun. Haha! No fun.

I just pick up trash in bags, the highway dept picks up the bags.

I am currently in the 2018 training class of Master Naturalists.

I eat alone most of the time but I it bothers me on Single Awareness Day.



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