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Curiosity has me asking this question since my eyes happened to glance on the DVD  Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? So why did any of you get married or want to get married?



Out of pure curiosity, did any of you who are/were married ask your spouse why they married you? What was the response given?


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I was drunk.

It would have been easy to annul if you were drunk.

Did you get drunk before or after the ceremony?

The first time? The wicked witch of the west lied to me and told me she was pregnant. The morning of our wedding, she lied again and said she had miscarried. I married her because I was a stand up kinda guy, and was trying to do the right thing. Without a doubt, the biggest mistake I have ever made. Trust me when I tell you, NEVER marry a woman you met at a swap party. Yes it was the 60's and I was stoned most of the time, but even I should have known I was getting conned. She later became pregnant for real, and I put up with infidelity for 7 years because I had lived through multiple divorces as a child, and was determined that my child would not be the product of a divorced home.

OK, now that I have that off my chest, I married the second time (after I had SWORE that I would NEVER remarry) because I found a woman that taught me what true love was. It took her 2 years for me to teach me the lessons because I was a very stubborn student. But when the lessons finally sunk in, I knew with all my heart that I needed to be with her to survive.

What were some of your lessons TBub?
Lots and LOTSA TLC, and a little bang on the head. I was damaged goods, but somehow she saw something that was worth fighting for. I mean litterally fighting. We lived toghther for almost 2 years, and the subject of marriage came up. Unfortunatly, at the time it came up, we were both drunk. She told me she wanted to marry, I told her I was leaving because I wanted her to find the guy of her dreams and marry because she deserved to be happy. (yes, I was an ass, but I was very gun shy due to my previous experience) Well, long story short, as I was moving my things out of the house, she hit me over the head with a LARGE ceramic lamp. Shattered the lamp, but not my head. Won't go into the gory details, but that night was a turning point in our relationship. We celebrated our 30th anniversary on Jan. 2nd. Kinda a goofy day to get married, but I finall proposed on Christmas eve, and the 2nd was the first date the courthouse was open. I didn't want to give her time to reconsider!!
TBub, your a pip!!! I love that story!!!! You must have one hard head!!! LOL  I've seen the 2 of you together and there's no doubt in my mind..... You 2 are definitely made for each other... The love just flows from both of you and it's so nice to witness 2 people that in love... :)

Because I thought I had met the love of my life. Does anyone do different?

Nine years later not so much...yet another learning experience.

Because I felt I should....
Jaylee.....My mom married to have kids and a secure home. She married my dad because he was from a stable family, had a secure family history, handsome, family oriented, and minimal predilection to cheating (since he was a virgin when they married...in his early 30s.) I am curious about their wedding night....the blind leading the blind (2 virgins).
Yes, I had some of that too. Mid-thirties seemed like the next thing that was expected.

My brain was probably fried by the tropical sun since I married my then spouse during a summer vacation. I knew him physically for only 5 weeks. In retrospect, I was too young and wet behind the ears to have made such a major decision even if it was with my mother's approval and prompting.


Why did I get married? I was probably in love with love and of course the education of the flesh which he introduced me to. lol

... she run faster than I thought.

... too fast... it just did not work out!




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