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And which games are you making sure u are going to watch---or at least hope they will show in your area?

I am hoping I will be able to pick up The Giants/Redskin game! It might actually work out too since NE is playing Monday night. Speaking of Monday Night Football--guys did u know there are actually two games being played tomorrow night?? Oh those poor lonely wives!!

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love defense. hate the interceptions. ouch.
I remember when he did that against the Seahawks in the playoffs. In overtime.
This could be a long season.
10-2? What a weird score!
Don't u just love it when a game is not a blow out score in the final 2 minutes?
Is there anything else?
My team won, yea
I did very well with my fantasy league... 2 more games tonight, hope it contiunes all season
You want the perfect way to lose a football game? Just do what the Bills just did! Craps!!
Uhh..yeah..GL--Just exactly who is Bill?? Are you saying you are not going to know them in public anymore?
Tonight, Jay Leno said "I set my TiVo to record The biggest Loser' on sunday, but somehow I got the Detroit Lions game instead!"
You know--all things considering--whether your teams won or lost this first week---U have to admit--we seen some fantastic games this weekend!




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