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Most of the people on tbd Ning are old enough that they are at least thinking about retirement.
There are many things that must be considered before and after retirement. So many, in fact, that writing articles and books giving advice about retirement has become a lucrative field of employment. Just look in any Barns and Noble or other major book store. Even the supermarkets are selling magizines and books devoted to the subject. I'm not qualified, nor do I want to give you advice on how to retire. What I propose to do is; give you a chance to start thinking about where you would want to live in retirement.
So, I will examine some of the things that I am considering. Then, I would like to read your ideas and questions. I'll start.

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Will try and keep it 100 words or less.
I have several IRA’s= Spend at 70 ½.
I had a ESOP at work. This was a plan where you could buy company stock with after taxes funds.
The IRS changed the name to SYSOP I told my crew to run and hide. They said I was paranoid.
Well a SYSOP is a 401K. This has to be spent also. (or start spending at 70 1/2).
The government always wins in the tax department. I got a check for $6.00 (Jury Duty).
They sent me a 1099 or whatever form they use. Oh well.
In the bed ;-)
with who? (:>)
Search your heart. That will tell you where you should be. Of course for you Robbie, that may cover a lot of ground.
Yeh, one time I lived in one place for 11 years. Of course during that 11 year period I traveled to 15 states(some repeatedly) and 7 countries.
Nina's got the right idea!!! ;->
There you go.
What are some of the things I'm looking for?
Well it needs to be warm when I'm there. Not over 100 degrees very often, but warm. I need a gym. I need to exercise and I find i will if I have access to a gym. A dog park, or fenced area for Happy. A good coffee shop in the area. Not a Starbucks type. One more like you found in the 60's and 70's. A UU church or fellowship in the area. Need to be close to the water. If not the Ocean, then a lake. I'm not much of a lay on a blanket on the beach person, but love walking on the beach and surf fishing. Should be some sort of festivals. At least one good restaurant. Library. A pub. Would like a college where I could take classes for fun. Would like to have a military base with commissary nearby. So far I've found a few places that come close. But, It looks like I'll have to go North in summer and South in Winter if I stay on the East coast. I think there are places on the West Coast that meet all my requirements, but that is a long way from my sons. Does that perfect spot exist?
Perfect, (wish that was true) but probably not. Ya just gotta look at all of your priorities, and decide which are the most important.
Robbie, I'd be interested in a group on this subject. I'll be 62 next year so this is something I will be confronting in the next few years. I would like to hear others opinions and see what options they've explored.
I always wonder with whom I shall be retiring !!




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