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Is she up a tree?

Is she down on one knee?


We all have questions to ask.

We need a guru to task


The world keeps on spining

But we need assurance that we're winning


I'm sure everything will be fine

She'll answer your questions, right after mine


She'll be here soon

If not this morning, this afternoon.


I know she'll be around tonight

Let me know when she's in sight.


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You're on a roll this morning Robbie. Great poetry.
Dear Ms. Sme: What's it all about????

This question is for the GREAT ONE...the ONLY ONE...the ONE & ONLY....MS. SME!!! When she returns, that is.
I really like KarenSme, but not, you know, as a girlfriend.......just as a friend-friend.

I don't understand much of what she says, tho.
I don't understand much of what she says, tho.

Ya gotta just roll with it.

The last I knew she was going to be a barista in a coffee shop but that was last fall so it probably is of no use now.
Whew. Had to join the group to get in and answer some of these fine Questions!

Here I am. What's the question!?
It was the answer we wanted, though. Worth 1000.

Hi, Sme! Do you want to start a question thread to share your wisdom again? I think we need it.
The Question is; As I become older I seem to be easely distracted.

Do you have


would you like to buy a vowel?

I think I'll wait till they go on sale.  :-)




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