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When the whiners get their way & we don't have Healthcare, they lose their Medicare, who's gonna care??

Whine,Whine, Hate, Hate

I won't care!!

I can't wait. Misery loves company, I think I'll bake some cookies, or maybe some special brownies for all the company!! Naw, I'll be as selfish as they are now...all those patriotic Americans who think they're special and so safe.
There's plenty of room. Just adjust. You'll be fine. When the insurance co have ripped off the whiners long enough, deinied enough for you to lose your insurance or cause a loved one to die, just adjust. When your quality of life sucks, it's ok. Just remember your own words and I'm sure those will console you.
When you lose your medicare because nothing was done to reform healthcare and medicare goes broke, don't worry. It's ok. You'll be considered undeserving just like people like me, so it's ok.
Oh, and don't expect sympathy from your buddies who will be able to afford to get care, cuz they won't care. They'll just throw your own words right back at you.

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No, YOU don't get it. You don't want to get it, because you think you're above it all. BTW, when you get older, and you expect to get medicare, you gonna turn it down??? Cuz, ya kno that the evil govt runs that.
When will the VA be closing, since that's govt run.
When we put a price on peoples lives, we suck. And people like you deserve to get exactly what I have. I can't wait!
To whomever:
insurance companies increase their profits every year and cut back more and more on what they cover and now are lobbying for 35 cents on every dollar spent.
My hubby, an ex-soldier has VA, which covered all that ailed him, no questions asked. When he got old enough, he was eligible for Medicair too, as did I. No one designates our hospitals or doctors, We can choose who will will, and whatever procedures we agree to. Yes, it's government run. No, no one forces us. Yes, we are still "free." There is no agony over "pre-existing conditions." Yet there are a few things things they do not cover - dental, purely cosmetic plastic surgery etc, unless there were some compelling medical reason. All common sense.
Whatever the congressfolks get, whatever the soldiers get, whatever us old farts get, it's all GOVERNMENT ISSUED. Yep, socialized. Get over it. Crowds rioted over Medicare too. Regan predicted the demise of the free world. How did that work out.
It's okay to claim what you've been working for all your life. here's nothing unAmerican about that.
Common sense, I luv it !
You may need the special brownies.

Maybe this is going to be a form of selective population control.
Cindy this is the most sensible answer for Health Care that I have heard. Thanks so much for posting this Link to the video.

Your Friend,

Yep, thanks for that. Gee, that caller should know that I don't eat 12 chzburgers a day. Money is not the reason I need this reform, denial of coverage!!
Thanks for posting that, great!
That's the most asinine argument that I've heard yet.
Because I support national defense, I should therefore pay for your gastric bi-pass?
That's just stupid.
I don't know who this was to...but I wish people would get that we don't want your money. We just want coverage. Since the crooks and dumbasses at the insurance co deny and deny, and lie and lie to get rid of so many when they need the insurance they pay for, what is our option'

I do not understand. I've seen people march for rights for other countries. I've see commercials to help other countries because people need help, we send money, volunteers go over there, missionaries. We are appauled at the way other countries mistreat their people.
What is so hard to understand? If your insurance co today sent you a denial for a condition, called it pre-existing, then put alot of your other dr's under that denial, such as internal med dr's, even tho you were not getting care for that condition from them, you lose your dr's, you have thousands of dollars now that you owe, you had been treated for well over a yr for this condition and they waited months after that year to start sending you denials. Waited months to send it to your dr's.
Then you're left with bills, no drs, no insurance, and now hav 4,5,6 pre-existing conditions....what would you do?
The media and the republicans along with the blue ball democrats have slanted this...they don't want any change.
I want to pay.....I want coverage. But there's so much hatred toward those of us who can't get coverage.
Yet, we don't mind shelling out to other countries.
Why should we be denied coverage?
We can do it. It's the misinformation and scare tactics that keep U.S. from doing it. The insurance co are too powerful and make too much money. And those who they make too much money when they sell their votes.
People in the U.S. need to know how close they are to not being covered, or to be denied to life saving care. I don't know why the democrats don't take a que from the Bush admin. and just push it thru like they did when they were in control. It's the only way. Let people call it what they will, it's no win with the republicans anyway
Good question, why don't they push it through? Dems have control of Congress and a Dem Pres.
Me thinks that you have been punked.
Its not like I'm not used to it,Bush really numbed me to anything




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