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When the whiners get their way & we don't have Healthcare, they lose their Medicare, who's gonna care??

Whine,Whine, Hate, Hate

I won't care!!

I can't wait. Misery loves company, I think I'll bake some cookies, or maybe some special brownies for all the company!! Naw, I'll be as selfish as they are now...all those patriotic Americans who think they're special and so safe.
There's plenty of room. Just adjust. You'll be fine. When the insurance co have ripped off the whiners long enough, deinied enough for you to lose your insurance or cause a loved one to die, just adjust. When your quality of life sucks, it's ok. Just remember your own words and I'm sure those will console you.
When you lose your medicare because nothing was done to reform healthcare and medicare goes broke, don't worry. It's ok. You'll be considered undeserving just like people like me, so it's ok.
Oh, and don't expect sympathy from your buddies who will be able to afford to get care, cuz they won't care. They'll just throw your own words right back at you.

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I already got screwed by my insurance co, robbed, now screwed because of them, can't get insured. So what would I risk.
Oh, they help me keep my costs down, by me NOT BEING ABLE TO GET CARE.
Wylde, do you not get it??? I can't go to a specialist...unless I have thousands of dollars upfront to pay for tests, mri's,mammogram,etc.
Do you know I was in the Ostopenia range with my bones, genetic, age, and was on Boniva to help my bones, which even with insurance was outrageous, but I took it. Now, I've been off of it for 4 yrs. Ya think that's why I broke my ankle just leaning over to put my laptop down?
So, now I most likely have Osteoparosis...I saw what it did to my mom, horrible.
So, I have a thyroid issue, which if you read up on, hashimotos can kill you if not treated. I have chronic migraine, that I cannot see a specialist for...I have carpal tunnel that I need to see a specialist about,and I'm getting older, I would like to be able to do preventative care.
So, what is YOUR Problem with me NEEDING CARE I am being denied???? You're ok with that?
If companies didn't make profits, none of us would have jobs.

And politicians are all about making money, by the way - in the form of taxes. They then spread that around as repayment to organizations and groups and lobbyists who helped get them elected.

If this thing goes through, what happens when the cancer lobby and the heart disease lobby are fighting over the same pot of money? Well, whoever wins gets treatment and the other side gets the shaft. We see it all the time in politics. I firmly believe that the same thing will happen if we politicize health care.

Again, I would love to see everyone healthy and cared for. I just don't believe the government when they say they can do it more efficiently and cheaper than private industry. To my knowledge, government run programs always drive up costs and decrease efficiency.
Money must trickle down. Where else does it go? I guess they could put it in vaults, but money is what is liquid. It represents work and product. If it does not move, there is no product. Even rich fat cats like to go out for dinner occasionally. The money must move, or it isn't money. If the money goes into potential, then the money in circulation expands in scope to represent services needed/available. Without product, money is just a fading promise.

Health insurance costs are crippling to American business, thereby cutting into profits and reducing the number of new hires. We cannot compete with other western countries in this global economy without rolling out some kind of national health insurance reform.

As for the profits of the insurance industry - they can go scratch for all I care. They have been bilking Americans out of billions of dollars in premiums and then denying health care. As some point profits should not come before people (or the environment for that matter). Health insurance companies should be non-profit organizations that are there for the good of the public and not for the bottom line of these robber barons.
Silly Marge. According to the whiners and haters - this smacks of "socialism." And, oooh, we can't have that now can we??

I worry that Obama and Co. took too long to react to the "unbiased-as-if" town halls and they've lost their core messages. Why did he wait so long to go on the road??
I guess I'm a whiner and hater because I'm against this...apparently that's how this works...if you disagree (have a different opinion)...you are labelled a whiner, a hater, un-American, un-patriotic...I've also been told I'm unintelligent, a torture apologist...I guess I'm probably sick and in need of psychiatric care, as well...all because I don't agree with this particular piece of legislation.

Wow! I thought it was pretty ridiculous when King George was telling people that opposed the war that they were unpatriotic. Now we have Princess Pelosi saying the exact same thing about Obamacare doubters.

Thanks, Marge and Urbangal. It's good to know where I really stand with you. I'm only ok as long as I agree with you. What a wonderful world!
No, no. You have it wrong. I don't think you are a whiner or hater. I have always enjoyed your posts and tend to agree with you more often than not.

I am sorry if I offended you. When I see Marge refer to "whiners and haters," I think of the people who go to those town halls with talking points written by neocon groups like Freedom Works and so on. Yes, I know the liberal groups have done similar talking points. But don't you find it interesting that the majority of people who show up at these health care town halls are the ones who have been whipped up by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and so on? These people and groups perpetrate out and out lies about national health care reform. "Death panels?" "Forced euthanasia for old people?" Ridiculous lies.

Again, my apologies if I have offended you, Wylde.
Here's an idea!! Let's pretend that ALL the uninsured, uninsured are another country!! One that is in desperate need of help!! Let's say a Storm has put ALL these people in a desperate situation.
That this storm has left many dead, many dying, many sick, injured, in pain, and many, many more clueless that the storm is coming their way!
So, we send them aide, right away, not like we left our own people in Hurricane Katrina, but the way we do when other places in the world need our help.
So, there's this storm and we need to do something NOW. Let's pretend this, because we CARE about other countries. We CARE about other places.
For All YOU AMERICANS who look down upon your fellow Americans that need help, pretend....
that you care!
Thank you, Cindy.
Why are you thanking us? Wylde, you have your opinion.
It is a wonderful world. Or at least a wonderful country. I have seen hatred, pure hatred at these town meetings.
I shouldn't be surprised since Bloomberg is shipping the homeless out of NY City or should I say giving them a one way plane ticket.
You know what, go ahead. These republicans and blue balled democraps want us to die, just go away. We don't matter. Well, it fails, we'll matter.
The noise at these town halls will be nothing compared to floods of phone calls, emails, u.s mail they'll get from unimportant people like me.
Marge? Is that you? Do you really think I want you to die or go away?

I don't.

My problem is that I don't believe in Obama or the current Democrat leadership. I think they are just as crappy as the previous Republican leadership.
I've decided I only enjoy talking to people who disagree with me intelligently, without slamming me personally. I find your ideas intriguing and provoking, but since I agree with you there is no fun in discussing it.




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