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Last night our children's choir performed at a rather large performance of The Nutcracker ballet, and I was one of the drivers. On the way home I took the wrong exit and didn't notice it for about 20 minutes - which meant that I had to turn around and spend another 20 minutes getting back to where I screwed up. Another mom was following me, so two whole van loads of kids got back REALLY late, on a school night. Pretty dumb. Your turn.

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A few really good laughs this morning. And now I feel so much better. That Hair spray under the ams might work. If you can't raise your arms there is no use for deodorant. (:>)
What was I going to say here?
I slipped in the gross pissy mud went down faster than bag of chips
at Oprha's! gross ass mud covered in it. dripping off my hands.
Good thing I bring a spare change of clothes to work.
Gross pissy mud??? Where the heck do you work Beth ...... Andy Gumps?

Mistake #1 - my husband and I took his sister at her word. Apparently, "Take anything you want out of Mom's house, I've been through it and have gotten everything I want. Anything you leave is going to the dump" does not really mean you are free to take anything.

Mistake #2 - was in telling her what we took, which resulted in a "But that was MINE!"




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