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Well, it’s time to select a new target now that we’ve  had a brief respite from the lunacy of the last 4 years. I say brief because - thanks to CNN who’s riding their new popularity wave to the max - there seems to be no shortage of new up and coming reprobates to fill The Clown’s  shoes for stupidity.

But who?

Hmm...gonna be hard to decide, so I guess it’s time to spin the wheel.

(Bmichael climbs the stairs to the stage and approaches the giant wheel and pulls off the tarp, tossing it aside. Grabbing the handle, he gives it a mighty tug.)

At first it’s too fast to read the placards, but soon names begin to briefly appear.

Spinning, spinning...was that Ted Cruz?

Spinning, spinning...Marjorie Greene?

Spinning, spinning...Mike Lindell? ( B starts salivating)

The tension rises, the crowd squirms nervously in their seats as the wheel slows.

Spinning, spinning…

Slower, slower…

...and finally stops.

Bmichael turns to face the audience.


The new target is the freshman senator and ex coach of the Crimson Tide, hailing from the great state of Alabama -

Tommy Tuberville!

The crowd roars! Women faint! Children cry!

WhoooWeee...we’re having some fun now!

Oh baby, oh baby!

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An excellent choice.  We don't have to confine it to one idiot. Theres also Josh Hawley (sp?), who has taken to refering to the D party as a "mob." A backfire kind of word. I would think. Yes?

And don't forget Marjorie Taylor Green!


I wish to correct an error and apologize to the University of Alabama for referring  to Tommy Tuberville as an ex-coach of  the Crimson Tide when he was, in fact, an ex-coach of Auburn University. 

This mistake was made under duress as it had been raining on and off for the last week - preventing me from exercising proper judgement and professionalism.

Rest assured that I really, really, hope it won't happen again.

(But ya never know)

According to CNN on February 3, 2021, Senator Tommy Tuberville was asked about his thoughts on Marjorie Taylor Greene's past comments on various conspiracy theories regarding horrendous events responded:

"I haven't looked at what all she's done," the freshman senator told CNN's Ted Barrett on Tuesday. "I'd have to hold back a statement on that...[I've] been traveling. This weather's been a little rough. [Didn't] look at any news or whatever."
Uh, WHAT? (author's comment)
(more to come I'm sure, unless he decides to stop talking to the press)
Those that should, NEVER stop talking to the press. More hilarity to come.




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