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What is something that is popular now that annoys you?    To me, it's the kids with the headphones and you can't get their attention without hollering, which I don't like to do.  Had two grandkids here and both lived with headphones on.  One 15 other 7.  I'm all for the learning technology, but please do make me sound like some mean old lady just to get your attention.  

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young kids having cell phones

Playing extremely loud music on vehicle radios that rattle your windows. 

People who come to visit and then spend all their time on their phone.

People who wear headphones on the biking/walking trails and walk in the middle of the trail. Even is you call out (I'm biking of course) the volume is so loud on their headphones they can't hear you. And it's not just younger people, it's all ages, but frankly on the trails during the day it's mostly adults.

Also, (a bit off topic) people here run yellow lights all of the time. They have plenty time to stop, but speed up to "make the light". Many times it turns red when they are in the intersection. Very dangerous.

Face and tongue piercings and those ear rings that make the ear lobe so big.  To each their own but it really bugs me.

Texting and paying attention to devices when they are with me. Pay attention to ME! Lets have a conversation...several of them in fact. 

 Loud music, people on their phones when they come to see you. 




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