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If you can't decide, rank them from 1 to 10.

Let's see.

1. Twin Peaks

2. Star Trek

3. Miami Vice

4. Picket Fences

5. Hill Street Blues

6. The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

7. Bonanza

8. Dead Like Me

9. Dark Shadows

10. Taxi



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I only remember a couple of my teachers names.......Mrs anderson who was a great music teacher, my drivers ed teache who knew half of us were sMoking pot befor his class &JOked aeound w/ all of us, & MR. Peabody...........The wizard taught me about having a heART & THE TN MAN TAUGHT ME TTTTTO ALWAAAAYS KEEP A CAN OFOIL IF YOU NEEED TO GET YOURSELF IN A SLIPPERY SITUATUIN........

hey...for reals.....

 I need to find that slipperry keys thing....wwwwwwwwwwwwwhere rrrrrr do I find it?

I wish twin peaks never ended


I forgot all about "Wipeout"
I try to...
I'll keep you abreast of how it's going........
Just wing it...
I'll foot the bill.

I learned a lot about life from this...really....:->

this is where I learned to be a history teacher.



I remember that one.

I loved FFTs.

Mary Hartnan Mary Hartnan

Northern exposure

3 musketeers




Twilight zone

adventures of Robin Hood

In the heat of the night

MIami Vice

Night gallery

outer limits



one step beyond

alfred hitchcock

I really liked Northern Exposure for the first 3 years and then it got away from quirky and became just plan weird.




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