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When you're looking for someone for a date or potential relationship, what traits do you find appealing?  We all have things we find attractive in someone else.  I know I need someone with a sense of humor. 

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In general: Intelligent, well educated (including self-educated), good sense of self-worth, a sense of humor that aligns with my own, free from active mental health problems and addictions - including tobacco, in reasonable health, reasonably active. Ultimately, if he uses his brain for a doorstop we're all done.  I should probably add that (sung to I'm a little country, I'm a little bit rock and roll) I'm a little bit Druid, and a little bit Buddhist too... so avid religionists of any stripe need not apply. 

Appeal is such a goofy idea to kick around in my head. It always comes down to a person's ability to express themselves with their eyes. I can get beyond all my other appeal needs if one has expression in the eyes. This does not exclude people who have eye problems, as some of my better friends do have these problems. The eye region seems to point out to the world as it absorbs the world.

I also look for a great sense of humor...someone who can laugh at themselves as well as what's happening around them, yet be able to have those serious moments too....lol.  But I also look for someone who is intelligent (can add and subtract), affectionate, has an interest in other cultures and the ability to interact with all types of people and not be judgmental.

We all agree with the sense of humor and intelligence factor.  I want to add having a kind heart.  I can't see myself being with anyone who could harden their heart enough to kill an animal.  Hunters are at the bottom of my list of attraction.  Personal hygiene is very important to me too.  They don't have to be George Clooney but they have to know how to brush their teeth and bathe.  I love kissing and if a man is missing teeth that is a big turn off.  Good habits.  If I see him pick his nose or spit in my yard the sexual attraction goes out the window for me.  I understand humans are humans but use your brain and be aware of what's just too gross to be doing in public.  For some reason older men have a problem with good habits....haven't understood that yet....lol!

LOL@the missing teeth.........

Hey, I live in Tennessee amongst farmers and ranchers.  Difficult to find a man who has a full set of teeth and boots without manure...LOL!  It's sad, I know.  There was one guy who had two teeth in the front and a Tractor Supply hat on tell me he was going to rock my world.  Dream on dude!  hehe.

LOL....LOL.........you made my day.....this is the best laugh I've had in days........LOL

I'm glad I could make you laugh  (((BIG SMILE!)))

I hardly ever get anywhere.  Where is Greeneville???

Phil, I was married once for 12 years but have been single now for more than 17.  When I was working I traveled a lot for the company.  I lived in Alaska and Hawaii for several years cause that's where they stationed me.  I worked long hours and was exhausted on my downtime and didn't go out much to meet people.  Because of this I lost contact with a lot of my friends.  While I was gone everyone got married or moved away.  When I retired last year I sold my house in Alabama and moved to Tennessee.  The town I live in has a population of 980 (I think they are counting the animals as well...lol).  It's just farmland here.  I have to go to another town just to find a Wal Mart, so dating is pretty much out of the question.  That's why I spend a lot of time on the computer.  Sometimes I feel like Cinderella locked in a tower no one knows about.  I can't blame it on anyone but myself.  So now mystery is solved.  I think if you're female and single people think something is wrong with you but that's not true.  Sometimes it's just Karma.

First and foremost someone who shares my sense of morality and religious beliefs. A lady who takes care of herself, is down to earth, trusting, has her own interests and friends and is secure and independent enough to enjoy them without me while I enjoy mine without her.

Traits I can do without is a woman who walks around with a chip on her shoulder about men based on problems in their past to the point of prejudging them. Given some I’ve met like that, I wonder why they even bother to date at all. Another deal breaker is someone who is intolerant of other viewpoints particularly when coming across in a snarky know-it-all manner.

MQM, having baggage from a previous relationship/marriage is pretty likely, but not letting it color our thoughts is a necessity.  It took me a few years to reach that point after my divorce.  Once I decided to start looking, I decided I had to clear my head of what happened.  Not necessarily forget it, but not let it color how I look at another man.  That would just be so unfair to any potential date. 




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