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The only time I watch TV is when I i'm in the exercise room and need something to break up the boredom of the treadmill. I am fully retired so I can adjust my non existent daily schedule to any hour.

Larry watches Glee. What is that?

Is Hill Street Blues still on?    Paladin?   How about Dark Shadows? I used to like that.  Oh and what was that one by David Lynch? You know. The one where the girl tied the cherry stem into a bow with her tongue?

I remember recently hearing something about a Lost American Idol?

Well, I'll be eagerly awaiting your suggestions.

Remember, it should be something to distract me from the pain and boredom of exercise.

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We have great blueberries in Indiana, but they won't be ripe till the end of summer. Want to watch tv while we wait?
Dark Shadows? Or "something" Falls.
merry, Have they figured out yet that Boston isn't a state? And that California doesn't border Maine?
Sorry about the lapse , i was putting the ham away in the fridge. Maine Detox ect. is a totally different site and they know thier shit and have the reports to prove it. Lucky me, now I get to read them. Robbie we have tall bush blueberries here in Maine and maybe only one or two heatwaves in the summer, hardly any summer at all. Moose, have you ever tasted it? It's heavenly. And shrimp but they come with the heads on them and I can't take those beady eyes staring me down when it's time to clean them. The fiddlehead ferns aren't out yet in my backyard and all the lilac bush has on it are tiny green buds. It's cold at night ,down in the 30's and up in the 60's during the day.
I've been to Maine a few times. Was stationed at Ft. Devens, MA for 3 years and camped in Maine. Also went to a class for riding cross country motorcycle enduros. That was in 76. Then in 2007 I drove to Houlton in my Truck Camper. I have some friends from High School who live in Elsworth and I visited them. I also winter in FL with a number of Snowbirds from Maine.
THAT explains ALOT!
I watch TV when I program, draw...stuff thats so easy to get immersed in you forget what day it is. I rarely know whats going on, or what I'm even watching, but somewhere, subconsiously, it works as a time keeping mechanism for me.
Most programs have ten minutes of programming and fifteen minutes of commercials.




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