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So, what's going to be on your holiday menu this year? 

Or if you're not cooking a holiday meal,

what are your fave holiday foods?

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It's a secret. We're not telling you.

It's a surprise holiday.

What?  Holiday meal?  Well, I guess the next one up is St Valentines Day.  

I'm so alone.

I'm so lonely.

I think I'll just have a can of pork & beans and a crust of bread...probably the heel....with no butter.

You guys aren't buying it, are you?

No?  Didn't think so.  ;-0

Stir, It is definitely not an official holiday, but I think there may be a small celebration next month. I just wish you could be there. 

PS. Anyone that does not show... expect your ears to burn, cause we're gonna be gossiping about ya.

I wish I could come down there, Tee, but this time around its just not gonna work out.

Come on now, with all the stuff going on around here, I don't think you'll waste much time gossiping about a poor ol' boy from the northern peckerwoods.  ;-0

wanna bet?

I think we should have a Skype date w/you, Stir! If you use Skype, pm me or Teebs w/your Skype address. We'll wait 'til we're schnockered to call you so you'll get the fullest impact of the meetup. '-)

Skype?  Skype?  I'm so old fashioned that you'd better just call me on the soup can and string phone....that's about all I can operate.  ;-0


Stir, what're we gonna do w/you?

does your computer have a webcam?

I'll teach you how to Skype before the meetup.

Webcam????  I don't have a clue.  Sorry!  ;-]

Okay--Thanksgiving dinner has been the same so long I'm afraid to change it. If I do,  Pumpkinhead will arise from that evil graveyard in Arkansas and hunt me for my soul. 

  • turkey
  • bread stuffing in one end of the turkey, chestnut stuffing in the other (and don't ask me which end of a turkey is which)
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • asparagus
  • spiced peaches (my mom's recipe), cranberry sauce, and a "relish" tray with celery and olives and the like
  • Pie for dessert, usually mincemeat or pumpkin

It's boring but yummy and comforting. 

Looks good to me--or at least a heck of a lot less work. 




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