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I was reading an article in Mental Floss magazine that explained how the best eggnog was often aged for six months or more.  This sounds a little off to me, but the article explains that as long as it is more 'nog' than 'egg' there is little chance for spoilage.  For my Sister and my daughter, the holidays just aren't here until the cork is popped on that first carton of the creamy (expiration date being no more than two weeks from the time of purchase), tasty, once-a-year treat.  My mother mixes a 'spice tea' concoction made from Tang and a variety of spices which tells her taste buds that Santa is on his way and I remember (long ago and far away) enjoying an indulgent 'Tom and Jerry' every year when the weather got brisk.

I no longer drink alcohol, so I'm now satisfied with the free wassail that my bank hands out when the holidays arrive....or even better...one of the local coffee houses makes a pumpkin pie latte that puts the ones made by a famous chain coffee house to shame.

Which drink lets you know that Christmas (or Hanukkah...or Kwanzaa...or the winter solstice) is just around the corner?

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Shiner Christmas Ale

I love eggnog and I drink gallons of it during the season. The question I always ask is:

Why don't they sell eggnog year round? Does anyone have the answer to that?  It's a drink

that always makes me happy. Sipping on a short glass makes even the washington state

winters more palatable.

Wine....year 'round.   :-)

I like apple cider in the fall, and eggnog at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

I'm not much for drinking alcohol based drinks anymore, and I'm downright suspicious of those yuppie concoctions, so I guess I'll just stick with an occasional Co-Cola, and a green tea in the morning.

Geez, after reading that, I'm thinking that I'm not much fun anymore.  Well, I least I have my memories.....er, well, maybe some of them.

Back in the day we used to have multiple bottles of Asti Spumante (reasonably cheap sparkling white wine) under the tree. That tradition faded away over the years. 

We found an alcohol-free sangria this holiday.  It wasn't too bad as far a fruit drinks go, but most of us opted for the sparkling grape juice. 

I like the sparkling grape juice too.

I use creamer in my coffee,  and I love the holiday flavors.  I mix and match flavors for different tastes.  creamy Chocolate and caramel are my favorite right now,  with a touch of orange latte international mix.  A splash of Kahlua or Irish cream warms the inners too.  Or,  the day time drink here is Iced sweet tea year round. 

I've been thinking about trying those creamers.  I usually go with black...but it is the holiday season.  I thought sweet tea was just a Southern thing.

Oh I am definitely an egg nog girl....I buy and drink it from the minute they start selling it till the last one disappears off of the shelf...then I diet for the rest of the year...so I can begin to drink again...LOL (thats probably why they don't sell it all year round michael...we would all be too round)

That drink that your mom makes sounds delicious...I used to love tang...before not drinking my favorite holiday drink...was anything i could find...:-)

I like the taste of egg nog  but not sure about having it aged though.....some of the spices of the season...cinammon, nutmeg, peppermint mixed in most drinks... something nutty too..hazelnut, pecan, almond... 

I discovered a flavored coffee called Santa's White Christmas at Barney's I have become  quite fond of.

I have a bottle of Asti chilling.

spiced mulled wine...the gluhwein

I remember the Tang spiced tea...will have to look for the recipe...a very Christmasy smell.




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