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When I talk to people about things like architecture and design and art history, I usually feel pretty smart. I know a lot about construction techniques, including systems work and finishing. I can hold my own in a conversation about food and wine, AutoCAD and Photoshop, and most kinds of music. But this morning, I feel like an idiot.

My brakes on my car started sticking to the point that the car is almost un-drivable. I took it to the brake shop, and they showed me everything that was wrong, and explained how much it would cost to fix it. I had no idea what they were talking about. I was completely at their mercy, and they knew it.

So I told them I have to call my "husband" first and talk to him about it. (Tom and I have been together for quite a while, but are not married. I only use the term "husband" occasionally when I think I need it.) I talked to Tom, and then handed my cell phone to the brake guy, and had Tom talk to him. I'm pretty sure I'm only paying for what I need done.

So I guess I'm totally car-dumb. Not too people-dumb, and not too money-dumb. What are you dumb about?

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I don't know, Pickle. You've always been good to me.
I'm about as dumb as you can get in most all subjects, especially technical knowledge. What makes it worse is I aint got a lick of sense.... I am fairly educated, (I went to the school both days it was open) but that hasn't helped much either.... I suppose that is why most of my professional life I've spent as a ditch digger, and I can still dig a pretty good hole in the ground and fill it back up again... I think that maybe because I care about folks and try to be helpful, I have been rewarded with a good life. Perhaps I am a good argument for a higher power or unbelievable coincidence, otherwise I wouldn't have made it this far ..........
Maybe we should talk, refer to my post above.
I don't know much about birds but I'd love to have that McCaw to tease my dogs by saying Sit...Stay...Come. Or having him bark when the mailman comes.
anybody dumb can get smarter in no time ! all he or she has to hang out with someone more dumber than him or her .
I'm not up on the Ukrainian criminal underworld, type-C rocket propellants, the wives of Henry the VIII or the New Guinea mangrove bat as I could be, but I can live with it.
The six wives (queens consort) of King Henry VIII were, in order: Catherine of Aragon (annulled), Anne Boleyn (annulled then beheaded), Jane Seymour (died, childbed fever), Anne of Cleves (annulled), Katherine Howard (annulled then beheaded), and Catherine Parr.
Me too, did you know he had the marriage to Anne of Cleves annulled because she was not attractive enough?
Wow T, you really are up on your bitches.
Ya gota ask a dog about them "bitches". (my apologies to anyone that feels this is offensive) If so, you can with hold any, and all bacon treats.
Peace, and Love,
Actually, I'm far more interested in the New Guinea mangrove bat.




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