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are you a BANANA?... thick skin on the outside... peel into you and find a softer side?...GRAPE?... someone who works good in groups... LEMON?... tart and feisty.... WATERMELON? large and juice? ... a PEACH?.....succulent with a hairy pit....a PINEAPPLE?...prickly on the outside, sweet on the inside



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I'm probably a kumquat. Sweet peel with a sour center.
cake, does that count?
pear, b/c that's the shape I'm in

I'm a fig ...... I don't know why, I just feel like a fig today.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be a cantalope ................

I want to be a strawberry. almost everyone likes strawberries.
I'm a blackberry, sweet and tart
prune kolache
Juicyfruit gum - hard going in but soft and sticky coming out.
I am an apple. A good old standard hard working fruit. Nothing fancy, but I get the job done.
Green or Red?

I am a mango, exotic but familiar.


my mango might be ripe
and sweet
just the way I like to eat
yellow juices running down
my greedy chin
fingers sticky
still squeezing firmly
to get everything
out of the skin.
your mango might be hard
crunchy and tart
sour even
eaten with some salt and pepper
or hot sauce
brings out all the flavor.
some mangos end up in between
force ripened
to be soft and sweet
just a layer of ripeness
that hard heart inside
they only look good
not worth the ride.
whatever the taste
or color
each mango is what it is
to the taster
none of us can taste
the other
until we bite into the same skin
only then
can we tell
the real thing.

© nomadic rhymer




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