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I am going to have to think about this for a while. I saw it on another web site, and I thought it would give us something to think about.

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Obtaining custody of my daughter. I brought her to Ohio from Florida when she was 14, she's now 38 and lives 4 miles away. She's finishing up her junior year of nursing school and was elected class president for her senior year. She credits her age for being elected, I credit her fine upbringing. lol

This was taken last night after Caleb's last concert.
I agree Larry...Best decision ever!
Going "all in" on a bluff! Cha ching!!
Not marrying that guy and then going to college after working a series of minimum-wage jobs in the 1970s.
I am not sure I ever made a good decision in my life. Just some that were not as bad as others.
To not continue in a relationship that I was in for a number of years. I just wish I had made the decision much earlier. Better late than never. Whew!!!!! finally
I agree w/Pickle....most have been very difficult and I've yet to come to gripes with them. Some have given me space and peace of mind. Most I know I can't go back and change. What's done is done...
I do know that leaving a sad and sorry 30yr marriage was a good thing....for me....not so much for him but we are both where we should be...Life isn't always nice...
It really was a gradual decision, but I'm very happy that I stuck around this small town. I moved here when I was 28, from West Palm Beach, Florida. It took me a long time to fit in here.....I came off as a smart assed city kid (which actually is what I was). Its not Mayberry here, but its got a lot of small town charm. As I move into retirement, I'm meeting all kinds of interesting people who have moved here, also to retire. And to think....I already had my perfect retirement home in a perfect retirement area.

And some day I hope to be planted here, 6 feet under at the township cemetery! LOL!
I thought we were going to have you stuffed and proped up on your patio. (:>)
Well, I hadn't even thought about that option, Robbie! LOL!
My best decision was to act on a hunch back in November of 2008....has made a tremendous difference in my life... I like it....♥




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