TBD on Ning

We each could be mistaken for:

 Movie stars,

Rock stars,


Stock Market Gurus,

Calif. politicians,

Or maybe something more mundane.


Like we were all disliked by Sara?

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Whadda you mean?

I'm about as common as you can get!

We are still waiting for the right answer to: How do I delete my profile?

I think TBD people all agree with Mrs.Pennypacker that CATS RULE AND DOGS DROOL.


also we have in common that we  like to have fun.

OO I have the answer, we're all shpunkee, that's right we've got shpunk. We have shpunk to shpare.
Beth? Sweetie?
I adore Mrs. Penny packer, but were going to have to agree to disagree :-)

We all like baked beans and watch Regis Philbin?

Just a guess.

I can dig up my Ballad of MyAtlantis if anyone wants it.

I'm pretty sure we stick around so we can compliment funes once in a while.

I do appreciate compliments on the sensible socks I wear.




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