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WendyLynn maybe coming to Houston on Monday or Tuesday lets give her a Texas Howdy.

Hope to have a meal for her in Houston, maybe Tia Maria's Tex-Mex or Rudy Lechner's German food.

Fixen to head to farm for three day weekend and my Church's 140th birthday party on Sunday.

I may not be back online till Monday morning. Time and place maybe short notice. Could be great opportunity for some old TBDers to meet.

Private message me or post here if you are interested.

Your Aggie friend,


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Photo by Cowgirllu of August meeting.

Directions from Beaumont distance 110.18 miles travel time if lucky 1 hour 40 minutes.

Starting in BEAUMONT, TX on CALDER AVE go toward PEARL ST

Turn Left on N PEARL ST(US-90 E) - go 0.20.3 mikm

Take Left ramp onto I-10 W toward HOUSTON - go 85.3137.2 mikm

Take Left exit #770A/DOWNTOWN onto US-59 S toward #770A - go 10.617.0 mikm

Take the WESTPARK TOLLWAY WEST exit onto WEST PARK TOLLWAY (Toll applies) - go 1.32.1 mikm

Take the FONDREN RD exit onto WESTPARK DR (Toll applies) - go 0.50.9 mikm

Turn Right on FONDREN RD - go 1.11.8 mikm

Turn Left on WESTHEIMER RD(FM-1093) - go 1.11.7 mikm

Turn Right on S GESSNER RD - go 0.10.2 mikm

Arrive at 2503 S GESSNER RD, HOUSTON, on the Right
If you do not have Easy tag just stay on I-10 W till S Gessner Rd exit and go south Rudi's is just before Westheimer Rd.
Directions from Conroe distance 51.45 miles travel time if lucky 56 minutes.

Starting in CONROE, TX on W DAVIS ST go toward E DAVIS ST

Turn Right on ALLEN ST - go 0.10.2 mikm

Turn Right on AVENUE A

Turn Right on N PACIFIC ST

Turn Left on COLLINS ST - go 0.20.4 mikm

Bear Left on OLD MONTGOMERY RD - go 0.50.9 mikm

Turn Right on IH 45 - go 0.40.6 mikm

Bear Left on I-45 FEEDER RD

Make a U-Turn at W DAVIS ST onto IH 45 - go 0.20.3 mikm

Take Left ramp onto I-45 S - go 25.541.0 mikm


Take the WESTHEIMER RD/RICHMOND AVE exit onto BELTWAY 8 (Toll applies) - go 0.30.5 mikm

Continue on W SAM HOUSTON PKY S - go 0.20.4 mikm

Continue on BELTWAY 8 - go 0.10.2 mikm


Turn Left on WESTHEIMER RD(FM-1093) - go 1.21.9 mikm

Turn Left on S GESSNER RD - go 0.10.2 mikm

Arrive at 2503 S GESSNER RD, HOUSTON, on the Right
Right now we are planning on sometime Monday or Tuesday at Rudi Lechners at 2503 South Gessner Rd in Houston. I have posted directions from both Conroe and Beaumont.

Below is sample of some menu items:
Heritage Sample Plate
pork loin, wiener schnitzel, sausages, sauerbraten, roasted chicken, austrian potatoes,red cabbage sauerkraut & dumpling

Roasted Pork Shank
Whole pork shank cured and roasted with garlic and caraway seed. Served with red cabbage, Sauerkraut and potatoes

Hungarian Goulash
tender beef tips simmered in a spicy paprika sauce, with homemade spaetzel or noodles

Original Wiener Schnitzel
veal cutlet breaded & pan-fried. Served with red cabbage or sauerkraut & Austrian potatoes

Jaeger Schnitzel
veal cutlet sautéed & topped with a hunter sauce. Served with red cabbage & spaetzel

Beer Schnitzel
pork cutlet with walnut breading, pan-fried, & served over a creamy mustard beer sauce,served with red cabbage & spaetzel

eye of round marinated & roasted in a sweet & sour sauce. Served with red cabbage & spaetzel

Braised Brisket
served with a horseradish cream sauce, mashed potatoes and spinach

Grilled Sausage Plate
Choose your two favorite sausages: Knackwurst, Bratwurst, or Polish.
Served with red cabbage or sauerkraut, & austrian potatoes

Roasted Pork Loin
center cut boneless pork loin roasted with garlic & caraway, topped with an au jus sauce. Served with austrian potatoes & red cabbage

Beef Rouladen
2 rouladen with spaetzle and red cabbage

Kasseler Rippchen
Smoked Pork chop, served with Red Cabbage, Potato pancakes and Apple-onion sauce

Viennese Onion Steak
10 oz. Rib eye in Onion sauce with Potato pancakes, vegetables

Just talked to Wendy she should be in Houston Tuesday night. Pru is cleaning the streets in Houston with some rain. Oktoberfest and Weiner schnitzel awaits for Wendy in Houston.
Wendy just crossed into Texas!
Wendy, Pru and myself met at Rudi Lechler's last night. Wendy is a beautiful, charming young lady. Pru was a great enchanting hostess. I felt like I was sitting next to Royalty, no wait I was. Wendy and I had schnitzel, Pru had sauerbraten.

Discussions included the TBD new world order and Pru brought physical evidence rabbits have taken over the Federal Reserve Banks and the US money supply.

Wendy's car became enlightened last seen heading toward Katy.




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