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When rumors start flying, I tend to keep my head down. (That and hell, the weather'sbeen great)! So, any solid nooze???

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to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain"
TBD, they say, has ended
It's torn and can't be mended
At least that's what they claim
But I tell you now I doubt it
'Cause if we tried to go without it
We would all go quite insane
:-D....so true..

With all due respect, folks, Why are we still discussing this stupid question?
Well, Jackie, it sort of knocked up loose and made us think, so it warn't so stoopid as all that. There are not a ton of us left here, but if we're here it might as well be fun! Over in Q&A Robbie has asked a couple more valid Q's and it looks like there may be a healthy interest in keeping good ol' TBD alive and kickin'.

I for one would love a little more concentrated activity. Old, new, whoever, but it would be fun to have some company.
Time to rename this "THE THREAD THAT WOULD NOT DIE"
Well, I hope someone names this 'the site that would not die'.
Amen to that, Chez.




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