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......and I'm wondering if I should start on one of my least favorite household chores......washing windows.


Should I quit whining, and just get to it?


How would you proceed with this task?


Do you wash your windows often enough that it really isn't any big deal?

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Ah, I'd forgotten about this question I posed.  I gotta get back on task, I guess, and get this job finished.

Started thread 7-19-2010, huh?  Go figure. 

Them dust bunnies must be purt near grown by now!!
Oddly enough, yesterday I vacuumed....I even moved the recliner to be sure to get all the popcorn fragments.  I know, I know....that's not washin' windows.

Did ya'll hear that???.........."purt near"......

That's purt near Southern...:=)

Power washer...I do my whole house every spring, when doing the windows, (note to self) stay away from nylon screens,4000 PSI blows holes in them. I found out the first time! GRRRRRR!       *Makes vinyl siding look like a brand new haircut!




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