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......and I'm wondering if I should start on one of my least favorite household chores......washing windows.


Should I quit whining, and just get to it?


How would you proceed with this task?


Do you wash your windows often enough that it really isn't any big deal?

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No, blinds.
That's why I asked.
Just draw the blinds.
They're horizontal....I liked the timeless styling.
O, but...when's the last time you cleaned those?
Uh, you're supposed to clean them???
It might be easier to move...
Buy a tent, my Friend....no windows, no blinds, no floor....
.....no company!!!
Now you got the idea!!!
Yea, but building a fire inside during the winter could be a problem. And then there's that whole plumbing thing ;-)
Paint the blinds black, too!!!




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