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I am so happy to see all of us joining this group here ahead of time.  I am concerned the other one is slowly being dismantled.  Glad you're all here. 

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My recommendation to all who are members of that other site that they go there and delete all of their personal information immediately -- including name, email address, birthdate, etc. Also, download anything that you don't want to lose. You could get banned for no reason at all, like I was. Luckily I had planned for this day and didn't lose anything, but once you're out, you're out and you can't access anything. It's not like getting fired from a job and being able to clean out your desk, it's more like being fired and being escorted to the door with everything in your desk becoming the boss' property! LOL

Anyways, this place seems ok so far! Welcome to all the old friends and new ones, too!


Thanks for the heads up Mike. 

Thank you Helen its nice to be here.I was just getting used to the other TBD. I hope I get used to this one quickly.I am glad you are all set up and going so soon.I am looking forward to new discussions.

I wanted to get this going asap, before I lost touch with everyone.  The other site is dying slowly, which is a shame, but we're here and moving forward.  Glad you found us Dee. 

Hello everyone.  I was not very active in think.be.do.  I have been very busy doing things with my children, grandchildren, and work.  Anyhow, went to sign on the other day and it said I had no account.  Tried to sign on again, got no response, so was not too terribly sad or disappointed....Had some poetry and a tribute to my brother who had died in July, and all of the wonderful responses are gone, yet the memories linger in my heart.  I have been more active on this site for a long while, still in Moosies Crossing, Wall of Gratitude and Haiku...They are very nice sites, with very nice folks..




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