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Recently watching the Voice and American idol I discovered that the type of music has change dramatically from what they had even 15 years ago when I started watching American Idol.  I also find that what I consider a great performance those people get eliminated.  So far there's two people on top 10 that I liked.  I realized that when they say they'll be singing Broadway songs, it's nothing I know, because I haven't kept up.  Do you watch these shows and have you kept up with the new music?

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I don't care to watch these shows. I really dislike all of this "new" music although I'll listen to anything if it's done well. The music I love is '70's rock.

I never watch those shows. I have tried listening to pop music on Music Choice but found it boring I did try to keep up with new music that is considered Alternative Rock but have not done it much  lately.

There was "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts" and "Amateur Hour"....so just history repeating itself...don't watch. New music....rarely aware of it...into oldies, myself.

I used to watch American Idol but because of my schedule at work I haven't been able to but I do prefer to wath American got talent over American idol

I would not likely ever turn them on by myself, but Josi watches them and so then, I do too. Both Idol and Voice have their good points and bad but I enjoy them both a lot more in the early stages of the competition when there are a lot of contestants. As Helen said, they seem to eliminate the wrong performers until I don't care for anybody that is left. Also, the more times I see them perform, the weaker they seem to get. By the end, I don't care who wins. With only a few notable exceptions, you never hear of them again anyway. Ameria's got talent has some interesting acts, but far too many with a talent that I have no use for (think magician or ventriloquist, or anything that should be in a circus)

Regarding the changes in the music, it seems to me that there is now a lot less in the genre of Rock and Roll and a lot more R&B or Pop. For me, that is depressing, but I would not say that all modern Pop is an automatic turnoff. There is always something current that I like. But as the saying goes, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs...

I watched a couple of episodes of American Idol the season that Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson were on. I thought I'd root for Justin but when I heard Kelly I wanted her to win...and she did. I may have watched a couple of the episodes when Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken were on. I don't generally watch those kinds of shows. I know there'd be plenty of times I would not agree with the judges.

That last time I saw that type of competition my cousin Daniel, who was born and raised in Germany was a contestant on The Voice Germany so I did enjoy watching the video his grandmother sent me which is now on YouTube. Daniel is in his 20's but is a "crooner".  There is so much music out here now and so many categories that it's hard to keep up with it all.




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