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I had fun playing this game at another forum outside TBD.
Tell two lies (not obvious ones) and a truth about yourself
and the next person has to spot the truth. Then, he or she
has to tell 2 lies and a truth.

1. I posed semi nude as an artist model in my teens.
2. I play with knives.
3. I dance hula w/a halau for recreation.

heheheheheh guess the truth.

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At least one person can READ here Funes, And for that English reading American, YOU ARE CORRECT, she broke her hip during a conference at Killington for a conference, and her son hired me to travel to Manhattan to stay with her until she healed and walked again. Then seven months later I was called because her husband was dying in Va, in the home of his son and I was with him when he died! Funes, you Rock....Ardith was a blast and we had a great time together, she not only walked again but she actually went back to school to teach at the School of Julliard ....She took the bus to get there!
Maricel, Nope, As far as I know, I have never personally killed anyone. #1 is true

Altho I think you are capable of any of your three, I'm going with door 2. I bet you loved it.
CWO3ROBBIE, smart guy.....you are right I loved it....there is nothing more exhilarating as swinging through the jungle screaming your lungs out........especially since I needed that release after a particular dilemma I had at work.

My close friend was 1st runner up. I was just there to cheer her.
Another family friend won the same contest the following year. (grand prize- a car)

I worked as a computer teacher for several years so I know a bit about hacking, but I would never do it myself. It's unprofessional and (I could probably have gotten my own students to do the dirty work anyway.....lol they'd be so thrilled. They taught me stuff I have no business knowing. lol
1. I was on the radio on KREN in Renton, Washington.

2. I like fishing.

3. I flew a helicopter from Anchorage to Puyallup, Washingoton.
Lowell, I'll go with #1
I'll go with #1 too lowell..

Why did it take 19 hrs for me to see Lowell's post?????????? Is something wrong w.NING?

I can't even see my posts sometimes......really frustratiing
I am invisible. No can can see me.
I'll guess #1 On Mr. Brandon....
Actually, both 1 and 3 are correct. I was on the air at KREN. I was the co-pilot on the helicopter, and spent a great many hours flying that copter down to Washington. And I can tell you right now that about half the trip from Anchorage to the eastern edge of Alaska was covered in snow, and frigid. We couldn't wait to get the engines started on the helicoptors so we could get the heaters going!! And this was in August, for goodness sakes!

#2 was a lie. I do not like fishing.




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