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I had fun playing this game at another forum outside TBD.
Tell two lies (not obvious ones) and a truth about yourself
and the next person has to spot the truth. Then, he or she
has to tell 2 lies and a truth.

1. I posed semi nude as an artist model in my teens.
2. I play with knives.
3. I dance hula w/a halau for recreation.

heheheheheh guess the truth.

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lol Maricel's truth is #2 lol
I knew you played with fire, so I assumed you also played with knives. :)

Yep, I have 3 drowning rescues under my belt, at the right place at the right time I guess. 3 different occassions, 2 were children, it was just a matter of plucking them out of the water. The 3rd was a woman who was riding behind me on a banana boat in the Bahamas. The dumb bitch couldn't swim and refused a life vest. The boat capsized and she grabbed me and started climbing onto the top of my head, putting me under. I broke free and yelled at her to calm down and I would help her. I didn't have a life vest either. It scared the shit out of me. I give her credit for keeping her head after the initial panic. I held her while we treaded water until the motor boat got turned around to pick us up.
1. I won an award for reading more books than anyone else in my grade school.
2. I worked as an undercover agent in Viet nam
3. I have a Doctorate in Psychology
#1 is true for you.
btw CWO.....I enjoyed perusing your photo gallery.
Number one isn't quite true. The award was for my grade, not the whole school.
number two is true
number three isn't although i do have graduate work in Psychology

I like this game.
Lets try again.
1. I was an Army helicopter pilot.
2. I was married to a high school Majorette.
3. I rode a motorcycle across Australia.
You are pretty good 1GL.
I bet you could make your own furniture.

I'll go with # 1

Divorce Court, right?
1. I was part of the team that discovered the first true cave fish in a WV cave.
2. i flew a hot air balloon across three states.
3. I personally killed three people in Viet Nam
CWO3ROBBIE ....your truth is definitely #3 --You did say you went undercover in Nam. How do you feel about it at this pt in your life?

Ok here's mine....

1. I was the 1st runner up for the Miss Filipiniana USA contest in '84.
2. I rappelled through the jungle like Tarzan - 200 ft above the ground through dense foliage.
3. I was under investigation in '03 for hacking into administrative files at the central board.
Ok I have not heard yet what my truth was ! You can't tell can ya? So that makes me good!
I say that Tina's number 2 is the truth - spending time in Manhattan with the famous cellist.




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