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I had fun playing this game at another forum outside TBD.
Tell two lies (not obvious ones) and a truth about yourself
and the next person has to spot the truth. Then, he or she
has to tell 2 lies and a truth.

1. I posed semi nude as an artist model in my teens.
2. I play with knives.
3. I dance hula w/a halau for recreation.

heheheheheh guess the truth.

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Number 2 for 1GreatLady53!

1.Larry Holmes the boxing champ came to my wedding!
2.I stepped on John Macenroe's foot!
3.I got Martina Mcbride's autograph at 4 in the morning at a local eating dive!
Truth for Lily #3a (it's the longest....people try not not stretch lies..lol)
#3b That and the cute booty photo hehehhehe
I'll go with the blue eyes for 1GL
I agree with Maricel for Lily, #3

1.I rescued 3 people from drowning
2. I was a Green Beret in Nam with the 101st Airborne
3. After the service I worked Secret Service for President Nixon
LoL easy Larry....Truth # 1

Hey noone guessed my Truth yet. BooHooHoo
I cheated! ALL three are true for me! ;-)

Maricel did you show off your booty for Art's sake? (whoever Art is?:-P)

For Larry I agree on 1.!!
Yeah, lily in pampers. heheheheh
Nope...that wasn't the answer
All of yours are true????
We spank 'em ;-) Isn't that right Lily? hehehheheh
Oh Maricel you know me much too well....:-P
I will guess #2 for Mr. Kremis

1. I spent a year in China in 1976 as an exchange student.

2. I spent three month in Manhattan with a world renowned Cellist, Ardith Alton

3. When I eat pistachios I eat the shell and all.
Tina I will guess #3?
because I've never heard you mention particular interest in a musical instrument....and you would have mentioned about China in previous discussion threads LoL
I dislike pistachios, very much I would not eat them shelled or not!
Lily....you should pose for Ahzoov. I invited him to join TBD
He's a professional photographer who does superb nudes.
Actually, he just posted a few of his nudes since
I requested to see them lol





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