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Turnoffs in the dating scene are probably the same as turnoffs in social life. However, married people or people in a committed relationship probably can't do anything about the turnoffs they encounter.

So here is the place where you can list those things that would turn you off if encountered in a date or prospective date.

I'll start:

Dirty teeth (never heard of a toothbrush?)
Bad eating manners (A lot of first dates are in a restaurant; ever wonder why they are the last date?)

Your turn:

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Any mention of Scientology.
Any mention of religion, politics, and sex.

Families are off limit (ex, ex-mil, ex dog)

Complaining of how bad they had in their marriage
Average size is not 5'5" and 250 lbs. What others have said, bitching about everything under the sun, very strong opinions that are not discussion points, if you don't think this way you're an idiot. Religious zealots.
Hi B A F...what's new any exciting plans before you get snowed in for the next few months.




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