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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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No, sadly. Mom did something with them and doesn't remember. I do have one of her. My dad died young 

YYou had portraits of some of your children done and hand-colored in oils. (That was the thing back then. Tinted in oils. John's dad did this for a living).

No. I just had 1 child. He died before his 6th birthday and I'd never thought of it. Cool that John's dad was an artist!

You have a locket with the picture of a loved one in it. (I do.) 

(So sad. I'm sorry). Mom had an oil done of me and my brother. My cheeks were a lovely shade of peach, lol.

Yes I did.

YOU still have your college class ring, or some other keepsake from there.


You prefer wine to hard liquor.


You prefer red to white wine


You will have eggnog around Christmas.

Probably. Thanksgiving too.

You dislike many kinds of fruitcake, but there is one you like.  ( I like one from the Vermont country store)

I do! I have a light fruitcake recipe with fresh fruit (cherries, pineapple, etc.).

Your mom always had a bowl of that thick ribbon candy around during the holidays.

She did. Sometimes tied pieces to braches of the tree with ribbon 

You got tangerines and nuts in your stocking. 

We did! An orange, an apple, a tangerine, and nuts--our stockings were an actual full-length lisle stocking. I carried on the tradition.

My mother's stocking on her last (90th) Christmas.

Your stocking was sometimes your favorite thing.

Wow!some stocking

*wow, some stocking!*

It was part of the fun.

You have had plum pudding at Christmas more than once.

I have. Yum.

You used to make your own Christmas wrapping paper.




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