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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Yes, I do.

You had a favorite pet who is no longer with you

Yes. All my pets were my favorite. All gone now. I miss having animal companions terribly, but I'm not able to care for one now.

You don't really approve of dressing animals up in "cute" costumes.

Yep. Maybe a sweater in cold weather for health 

You think mother-daughter lookalike fashions a little on the corny side

I do. I especially dislike when a mother dresses siblings--who aren't even twins--in the same outfits.

You think flying squirrels are cool. (I do.)


.a stray dog followed you home once

, and you took him in.

Yes. Also cats.

You have at least one tee shirt from the 70s.


You are not nostalgic over the 80s

The very early 80s, yes. But once HIV/AIDS became epidemic, no.

You keep treasured items of John's.

Yes. With pleasure 

There are several foods you hated as a kid you now like (mine was lima beans)

Yup. For me it's bland stuff, like vanilla ice cream.

You have eaten sweet corn right out of the field, raw. (I have.)

Yes. Uncle had a farm. We ate green beans like that too. 

As a kid you used broad blades of grass to whistle with.

I did!

You once had an ocarina.




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