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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Yes! Lots of trees.

You could watch the ocean waves for hours.


I just heard about hummingbird cake, a southern specialty. You  already know and have tasted this cake

Yup. I've made it many times. Yummy! It's essentially a spice cake with pecans and chunks of pineapple and banana, iced with cream cheese frosting. (I read that it originally came from Jamaica.) 

You're not a huge fan of Red Velvet Cake.

I like it well enough. I usually prefer pie to cake 

You have a favorite pie for spring/summer and a favorite for fall/winter. I like blueberry and pumpkin for those seasons. 

I prefer pie too! Sour cherry "dream" pie for summer; mincemeat (with cranberries and apples and my mom's very thin "cheesecake" topping instead of a top crust) for winter.

You prefer mild fish like halibut and cod to oilier fish like mackerel and bass.

Wow. I never had it with cranberries. I actually like the oily ones. But I like them all. I like the local salmon. 

You're not a big fan of sushi, though you eat it now and then.

Actually, I love sushi and used to make it all the time. Of course, I only eat vegetarian sushi, so raw fish isn't an issue.

You think extraterrestrials exist.

I think they might. I'm not convinced. 

You have a mail slot in your door instead of an external mail box.


You have used a Ouija Board at least once.

Sure. Haha. 

You have had your palm read

Yes. By an "amateur."  Lol

You used to wear a costume when handing out treats at Halloween.

No, I never "got into" Halloween
Halloween and all that fall festival stuff is your favorite time.




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