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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Surely do.

You have made a granny square throw.


You have a heavenly recipe for potato soup.

No recipe, but it always tastes very good.

You write appointments, and such, on an actual, physical calendar.

Yes  I do. O always have a very pretty calendar. 

Your calendar in on a tabletop rather than a wall

It is!

You sometimes buy Audubon or Sierra Club nature calendars.

Yes. I love old farmers almanac too.

You have suspected that I have been sick. But now making great progress.


I am SO relieved that you're back, Westerly!!! I've been worried about you every day. I wrote you two PMs expressing my concern (they should be in your "inbox"), and I would have written more but I didn't want to bug you. Whatever you had, I'm ecstatic you're getting better now and hope you'll be 100% well soon. XOXOXOXOX

You know you are loved. (That's my question. lol)

My answer is Yes!

You are on an even keel st the moment.

I guess so. As much as I ever am... Haha!

You don't mind eating bland foods after you've been ill.

You bet. Bland and soft.

You get in a spicy foods mood about once in a few weeks

I'm a spicy food person so, yup--but more like twice or thrice a week.

You prefer a nightgown to pajamas.

Nope, I like PJs.

You prefer skirts to pants




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