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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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I did. Marbles are beautiful, imo.

You once got in trouble for dressing up in some of your parent's clothes.

Not really big trouble. Just that I was going to fall and break my neck in the heels.

You once cut your own hair in a chopped up sort of way as a kid 

Not as a kid--my mom kept it pretty short. But I have as an adult!

You skateboarded as a kid/teenager.

No, not me. 

You had a trampoline

I never had one, but I LOVED the trampoline in HS.

You have grown asparagus.

Yes, I have. Love it.

You have grown broccoli.

Yup. NOTHING like growing and eating your own produce, imo.

You've grown artichokes. (I like these gardening questions!)

Gosh, no, never did that. We have an olive tree. But it doesn't produce olives.

You gave a natural antidote to cold symptoms 

I have, yes.

You've had a bad sunburn.

Many times. We loved the beach.

You have visited Ocean Beach,  off of RI


I don't think so. I don't remember a beach called Ocean Beach (I lived in Newport).

You like to have an umbrella if you're spending the day at the beach.

Yes Indeed

You have a top ray-blocker you use




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