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Reported tornadoes, severe weather causing damage

Updated: Thursday, 20 Dec 2012, 8:15 AM CST
Published : Thursday, 20 Dec 2012, 7:41 AM CST

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - Authorities say a powerful storm peeled the  from buildings, toppled some trucks and blew down Oak trees and limbs in the Mobile area, leading to some road closures.

Mobile County Emergency Management Agency Director Ronnie Adair tells The Associated Press that the storm struck around or shortly before 5 a.m. Thursday.

PHOTOS: Severe weather pounds Mobile

Adair said there are several buildings in the Mobile area with  after high winds peeled them off buildings. He said there were no immediate reports of any major injuries.

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Adair said that some parked  such as delivery trucks were overturned.

He said it wasn't known whether the damage was caused by a tornado, and that would be assessed later during daylight hours.

A tornado watch, scheduled to be in effect until noon Thursday, covered 28 Alabama counties.

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Now that's does not sound good! I hope people are OK!

I can handle sever snow, High winds, etc.... But I always worry about a tornado at night! 1st. if you look outside, you have no warning that the weather is changing until it's too late. Also I might be asleep and not hear it till it strikes.

Yes we have the storm weather radio, but it's normally downstairs and I wouldn't hear it if it went off!

I am so sorry to hear about your severe weather and tornados Ladyg.  I get very nervous when I hear about severe weather alerts and tornados.  It is so important to have a Weather Radio!  I can not stress it enough, I made my husband go to our Andersons to get one.  I almost had to drag him out of the house to go,LOL    Let us all keep safe and alert.  What a December to remember.

Thank you MsAlex, I agree!  I do not remember having such severe weather when I was a child.  The climate is sure different now.

Thanks to everyone for their concern. It was bad power outages, streets blocked off, trees and telephone poles on the ground and on cars and homes. One gas station was destroyed, a car dealership had its cars smashed and throwed around like rag dolls........some tossed upside down. One area a lot of homes were destroyed........but thank God no lives were lost. 

The Red Cross building and vehicles and catering trucks were messed up pretty bad.


Sorry to hear that Red Cross sustained so much damage!





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