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This is an oldie but a goodie:

What would you like on your tombstone? (Aside from black olives and extra cheese), or how would you like to be remembered?

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I was once a pretty good skier until that lump of snow got in the way (I'm serious.  It was a chunk of hard snow that sent me tumbling straight to the emergency room).  I'd like to be remembered as someone with a love of speed and the outdoors.

I think my tombstone should say, "We know she's in Heaven, because there's no snow in Hell" or maybe " If Slim's in Hell we know it's finally frozen over."

"Beyond here lie dragons."

That's very good, but I like "Beyond here lie windmills'.

You just made me smile.

Yea, me too.  ♥

"I Had Fun, I"d Do It Again"

John Denver's "Poems, Prayers and Promises". "Life's been good" by Joe Walsh. At the service.Then a party.


Maybe I'll just put, "The car is up for grabs".

Here lies



I bet someone will adulterate that.

Lays or lies.....?

At least it won't read   19_ _ to 19_ _ !  I've actually seen that!

Lies......heh, heh, heh.....


Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead.

Title of an obscure Hendrix recording, circa 1968 at the Scene Club in NYC. featuring Jimi, Jim Morrison, Johnny Winters, and Buddy Miles.




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