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It passes, whether we want it to or not. Share your feelings about time in 5/7/5.

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I can see you two

talking in person as hearts

in five-seven-five

I don't know, Daddieo, if this is referring to metub4 and me--but he and I are definitely two simpatico souls who have undoubtedly taken a turn or two around the universe together. You, me, and he have probably had a few drinks in the restaurant at the end of the universe. :>)   

Daddieo, you , me

hanging out at Star Burst Inn

all kindred spirits

we tip our glasses

nectar of the gods we sip

soulful communion

paths often connect

(fate has way of doing that)

hang on for the ride

Nice to see you here Daddieo !  Our group of old has dwindled to the marvelous Ms A and this old fart.

Yeah me the one sitting alone   talking to himself and counting on his fingers.  Ya know that guy.   Anyway Ms A is a special person and we have always been kindred spirits  and bet you did not know you are one also.  Keep on keeping on and will see you at the end of that golden rainbow.

if i had the time .....

if only i had the time .....

too late, gotta go

Love this, M. This about sums up so much in life.

What do I do now

Therapy, a meal or sleep

Each day seems the same

Be happy or sad

Make each day what we want it

It is up to us

whatever you need
i will always be waiting
with arms open wide

lives layered on lives
all form the painting of us
unique and sublime

a renegade curl...
i kiss your neck and whisper
"time won't defeat you"

days pass unnoticed
darkness flows into darkness
my soul waits for you

before you--nothing
other loves colored my world 
like sun through stained glass

each had its meaning
filling up the here and now
all passing in time

and then there was you
divine rainbow incarnate 
filling forever

the soul circuit closed
i knew why i had waited
if unwittingly

all questions answered
all spiritual and carnal
needs and desires met

joy was manifest
love like a mighty river
flowed in and through us

salvation at hand
we reached for it like trusting
children without fear

and for a moment
we drank of eternity
and were immortal

then fate intervened
dashing the cup from our hands 
snuffing out the sun

since then i've struggled
trying hard to understand
harder to accept

but the light is gone
the joy just a memory
after you--nothing

too much happiness
and too little time with you
it's breaking my heart




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