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Today, I decided that I needed to go through all my pictures and my notebooks (I write a lot) and toss out everything that has to do with past relationships. WHEW, there was a lot. I am dating a really nice man and though he stated that we are both 50ish (well I'll be there in 2 years) and have obviously both had a PAST and other relationships and neither of us should have any worries about that, I felt it was something I need to do. I'm not a jealous person in any way, shape or form so it wouldn't bother me to run across anything of someone else's but I don't want him feeling bad or "inferior" because maybe there were happy pictures or I wrote something great about someone else.

I had decided a month or two ago that I was gonna do this "soon" but truthfully, at THAT time,  I wasn't sure I COULD! BUT, I asked myself....."Would I ever hope to get back together with these  people in my lifetime if the occasion ever arose"  I thought about this long and hard and decided that although they were BOTH very good men who I still regard them as wonderful people who treated me like a prinscess, our relationship as a couple had run its course. I'm happy to have had them in my life but its time to move on.

It was a little tough because I was close to the families of these guys and in fact, they say they miss me still.

Has anyone else ever done this? Was it tough?

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That's nice Lilrain.  I just can't be friends with my ex.  The minute he opens his  mouth he makes me angry.  




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