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I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sad that Labor day has come and gone and summer is over as we know it.  What things do you have planned for the next month or two while the weather is still nice? 

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I am not sad about Summer coming to an end, although I'll miss the longer daylight. Autumn is my favorite time of year, especially if we're blessed with some warm days. I love all the colors, the smell of the cool crisp morning air...and exploring the country roads...just taking it all in. Our Farmer Markets come to an end in October, so I will be there every possible day from now til the day I drag my small pumpkins home!

As far as I'm concerned, it stays pretty nice at least til the end of the year.  We don't usually get any snow til the end of January.  I sometimes don't even get past wearing my rain and shine coat!  And I didn't get to use my snow boots one time last year!
As far as my plans, I am getting rid of all my veggie plants that have expired, as have some of my flowers. I am stacking empty pots and planting mums in some of the hanging pots. (I hate to say it....knowing your proclivities) I have burgundy and gold mums....for my Skins. :-) I am gonna watch all the football I can. I am going to bake something sinfully good with apples. I'm going to shop for two granddaughters' birthdays. I'm going to start stocking up on candy for the Trick or Treaters. I'm going to start my Christmas shopping. (I have such a large family, I have to start early, since Christmas is only 4 paychecks away.) And I plan on taking some weekend trips into the country come late October to see the color......maybe do the Blue Ridge Mountain trail. My senior group has a trip into the mountains planned for October, so I may do that. Now that the biggest share of the heat is past.....I am filled with energy the heat sapped out of me. I can open up the doors and windows and get the house aired out!! I love this time of year.....in case you haven't guessed that by now. Oh! I forgot......I can start wearing my cool fall wardrobe and high boots. :-)

Karin, as much as I hate to admit this, the burgundy and gold mums will be gorgeous.  I've never seen any real purple ones.  Actually, I like the Redskins.  We don't play them often and I watch their games when they don't conflict with the Ravens.  Tomorrow night starts the season for the Ravens. 

We just have to plant the gold mums among the greens here in WI! ;)
Ooh, go Packers! My first love. I was raised in Milwaukee. :-)

From here to Tucumcari.

I was planning to take off the first week of October to go scuba diving in New Mexico (on Route 66 near Tucumcari).  But that plan got altered today when I saw I have three oral arguments at the Appellate Court during the first week of October.  If it was just one argument I would ask to have it continued, but to try to continue three might raise some hackles at the court.

The problem is that the altitude where I want to go is nearly 5,000 feet, and the first week of October is the last week when nice weather is most assured there.  Part of the reason I went to Florida was to get an air tank and a "pony" (i.e., "emergency") tank to use in New Mexico.  I could take an abbreviated trip to New Mexico, but it is a day-and-a-half journey from here to Tucumcari, so three days are taken just driving.

But I'm willin'.

So sad to hear this voice will no longer sing... :(

"Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits" is the only collection of songs I have owned as an album, a cassette tape and a CD.

Same here, Robert! Oh wait, and Carole King's Tapestry.
Tapestry is one of my all-time favorites!

Oh gawd I had that album and would play it over and over and over again.

Lefty...I am still playing that! Along with a whole lot of JT....and for us Boomers, we know those initials are not for Justin Timberlake (as good as he is).




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