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We have had a thread about things that we no longer can or will do. Now I think it's time to talk about what we still can/will do

Let's see.

I can still eat an ice cream cone without getting it all over my shirt.  If I have enough napkins that is.

I can drive a motor home towing a car.  I can ride a bicycle. I can drive a go cart.  I can water ski. I can still hit 20 or more clay pigeons in a round of skeet.  I can drink a six pack of beer without peeing myself. I can tell stories that make people laugh. I can play golf. I can appreciate Stir's blog.

Happy says I can still walk the dog.


What can you still do?

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Argue with myself and still lose the argument.
Yesterday I went out and started my spring cleanup in the yard.  I gotta say, I'm still handling that job pretty doggone well. I went back out there today and I have most of it done....lotsa branches picked up, lotsa wet leaves raked onto the tarp and dragged to the dump site, walkways and planters cleared.  I was beautiful out there today....I really enjoy doing that kind of work.....I may not be as fast as a kid working at it, but I do old people proud.  Last year I even made a few extra bucks cleaning up yards for other folks around here.  I'd like to do some more of that this year....maybe that opportunity will rise.

I can hire you do my yard...

..but I can't afford the petrol.

apparently I can still change a light bulb. Even a fluorescent one.
I can't help but notice that I change incandescent lights a lot more often than I used to.  I have a three way light that just eats them.
Maybe you could send your yard up here...I'll work on it in my spare time.
and another bump-de-bump

Can I send mine as well?


I can still climb up & down ladders all day & be on my feet all day. I like that, actually. I get stiff if I'm just sitting around.

I am more fit now than practically ever before, so I can do yoga & exercise; ride a bike for a couple miles, walk a couple miles.

Robbie's got me on the 6-pack... I seriously doubt I could drink a 6 pack of beer & not pee. Actually, I seriously doubt I could drink a 6-pack of beer. 4 & I'd be unconscious. Remind me never to get into a beer drinking contest w/Robbie.

He'd be fine. I'd be unconscious w/wet pants. ;-p

wet pants....Ø beer...:-)
lol! "-D

I CAN touch my toes....

..coming up from sucha stunt...not too easy.


I CAN plant my feet on the floor every morning...very easy.

I CAN walk w/o aid...but on occasion I actually like using my umbrella.




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