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*Snagging from another thread.*


Okay...we've been around the block..Been there...done that...    Either from just plain being tired...worn out...or fed up...

What's on the "done" list?


Won't lift the heavy stuff...leave it lay or ask a hunky young thing to do it....









I don't do pantyhose anymore....either my arms are too short or my legs have gotten longer.















This is definitely not my style....kissing up or bowing over backwards...to anyone.

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Won't do any more worrying about what causes cancer in rats.
I cant jog,bad knee bad ankle,I havent worn pantyhose in years.
I harbor lots of "won't do's" and 'can't do's..but.....also I learned to never say never.
Ironic....now I'm at a point where I could travel a bit....but I really like being at home....I like it here just fine.
I got my homies here.
I agree with Stir.  Why would I want to leave?  It costs me $ 25.00 in gas just to get to real civilization.
I never could suffer fools well, now I just won't! it isn't worth my time.


hear, hear Quinn! '-)

my bff just told me that I was prejudiced toward 'ignorant people'. What? *rolling my eyes*

D-man said that's too broad a category to call a prejudice. hehehe I like that man.


I seriously doubt I would ever use illegal recreational substances again. It's been.... lemme think....

about 25 years, and it had been a few years before that isolated incident. I think I can safely say

'been there, done that, not going back.'


I know I'm not so much a fool as I am a dumb ass.


Dumb ass attacks are freely accepted among friends.

When I have one in front of my bff her response is: "It's a good thing you're cute."







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